Aug. 26, 2019

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of Aug. 26-Sept. 1.


35 Years

Dr. Daniel Quon, professor of dentistry, School of Dentistry (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Pathology)

30 Years

Randy Hudson, carpentry supervisor, Building Maintenance (Carpenter Shop)

25 Years

Angela Burns, monitor technician, Nurses-Monitor Technician

20 Years

Gwen Coleman, billing specialist, Central Billing Office (Billing and Follow-up)

John Jones, anesthesia technician supervisor, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology)

Dr. Nils K. Mungan, professor of ophthalmology, School of Medicine

15 Years

Vanessa Hollingsworth, clinic operations supervisor, University Physicians (Internal Medicine Administration)

Dr. Gailen D. Marshall, professor of medicine, School of Medicine (Allergy and Immunology)

10 Years

Diana Carpenter, administrative assistant, School of Medicine (Nephrology)

Dr. Kristy D. Goff, assistant professor of endodontics, School of Dentistry

Katina Hardy, unit secretary, University Hospital (5 North)

Rashanda Isaac, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (2 South)

Joanna Miller, inpatient nurse, Children’s Hospital (4C Pediatric Unit)

Tammi Powers, inpatient nurse, Children’s Hospital (2C Pediatric Unit)

Catherine Sanders, nurse practitioner, School of Medicine (Surgery-Trauma/Critical Care)

Dr. Juan D. Uribe, assistant professor of neurosurgery, School of Medicine

5 Years

Diane Edwards, cytotechnician, Cytology

Shelby Gordon, radiologic technologist, University Hospital (Diagnostic Radiology)