April 1, 2019

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of April 1-7.

15 Years

Dr. Kenneth R. Butler, professor of medicine, School of Medicine

Chris Campbell, painter, Building Maintenance (Paint Shop)

Spencer Ray, CT technologist, University Hospital

Dr. Barry S. Rubel, professor of dentistry, School of Dentistry (Care Planning and Restorative Sciences)

10 Years

Andy Nail, respiratory therapist, Holmes County Hospital (Respiratory Therapy)

Tracy Sullivan, medical technologist, Chemistry Clinical Lab

Sherry West, associate professor of radiologic sciences, School of Health Related Professions

5 Years

Ashley Allen, ambulatory nurse, School of Medicine (Infectious Diseases)

Bryan Fowler, intermediate Epic application coordinator/analyst, Information Systems

Shanyika Patton, medical assistant, Grants Ferry Clinic Lab

Kara Payne, inpatient nurse, CCH (CICU)

Allison Pitts, physician assistant, School of Medicine (Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences)

Cathy Randall, business analyst, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology)

Michael Ryker, nurse, Interventional Radiology Services

Anna Stanford, ambulatory operations director, University Physicians (Otolaryngology Administration)

Hazell Walters, courier, Clinical Lab Administration

Reva Wash, medical assistant, University Physicians (Pavilion Suite J)