Oct. 1, 2018

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of Oct. 1-7.

30 Years

Bert Sullivan Jr., flight transport nurse, Helicopter Transport

25 Years

Evelyn Fontanille, business operations manager, School of Medicine (Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences)

Dr. Ramarao Takkallapalli, associate professor of anesthesiology, School of Medicine

20 Years

Martin Bragg, senior infrastructure solution consultant, Information Systems

Sandra Floyd-Chambers, medical office assistant, Renal Clinic

Katash McGowan, patient financial services representative, School of Dentistry (Advanced General Dentistry)

Dr. Michael Nowicki, professor of pediatrics, School of Medicine (Gastroenterology)

Melitta Rucker, electronic health record scanner/index analyst, Health Information Management

Melissa Thome, nurse, Children’s Hospital (Newborn Intensive Care Unit)

10 Years

Emma Davis, administrative assistant, School of Medicine (Neurology)

Dr. Yuanyuan Duan, assistant professor of biomedical materials science, School of Dentistry

Alesia Robinson, surgical technician, University Hospital (Surgical Suite)

Shirley Stephens, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (4 South)

Lashanda Windom, electronic health record analysis specialist, Health Information Management

5 Years

Mayeth Alkuino, case manager nurse, University Hospital (Coordinated Care)

Bailey Brown, transport nurse, University Hospital (Adult Critical Transport)

Nicole Gilmore, customer service representative, Patient Experience

Jennifer Ingram, nurse, University Hospital (2 South)

Keshia Jennings, nursing assistant, Holmes County Hospital (Inpatient Nursing)

Keyana Leggett, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (3 North)

Dr. Ini-Abasi J. Olutade, assistant professor of family medicine, School of Medicine

Elizabeth Sykes, dental assistant, School of Dentistry (Endodontics)