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Connect with everything UMMC via new e-magazine

Published on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Published on April 27, 2017

Ever wonder why it's so hard to lose weight and keep it off?  Are you concerned about the rise of “superbugs” that are resistant to antibiotics?  Interested in what leads doctors and nurses to careers dedicated to helping others?

Welcome to CONSULT, the new online magazine of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where these topics and so much more are part of the daily drill.

In CONSULT, readers will have the opportunity to learn more about the cutting-edge clinical advances, innovative educational programs and groundbreaking research occurring at UMMC.  Plus, CONSULT will regularly showcase our experts' best advice for living a healthy and mindful life.

CONSULT replaces a print publication, CenterView, that had been produced by UMMC's Division of Public Affairs since 2009.  UMMC friends and followers who previously received CenterView in the mail now have the opportunity to receive CONSULT in their email in-box.

CONSULT will be published at the beginning of each month.  Anyone may subscribe, at no cost, by providing his or her contact information below. Readers may unsubscribe at any time.

We hope you enjoy CONSULT.


Tom Fortner
Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer